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Scott Disick Gives Up Partying For Sofia Richie After Refusing To Do So For 10 Y…

Scott Disick Gives Up Partying For Sofia Richie After Refusing To Do So For 10 Years With Kourtney… Has Scott Disick finally given up his hard-partying ways for Sofia Richie after years of refusing to clean up his act for Kourtney Kardashian?! Here’s what we’re hearing!Are you loving or loathing seeing Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Scott Disick , 34, gallivanting around the globe with his new girlfriend Sofia Richie , 19?! If you’re in favor, do you think it has any chance of lasting? Well, apparently Scott is so enamored with Sofia, he’s giving up his longstanding status as a party animal for her, according to TMZ . This is striking because it was Scott’s love for the nightlife that seemed to sabotage his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian , 38, for years! So what’s different here?Their insiders say Scott has found a real connection with Sofia and has pumped the breaks on going out drinking in order to truly be there for her. And, at least for now, he doesn’t see any issue with their age difference. He’s even admitted to confidantes that being with…Read more on TmBW.News

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